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Super polymer and polymer batteries are widely used in digital series (such as: intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, PDA, MID, POSS, military products, high-end mobile electronic equipment); high power series (aeromodelling toys, electric tools, etc.); notebook series, 18650 series (notebook computer, electric tools and electric vehicles) power battery; class (such as electric bicycles, motorcycles, cars, UPS, smart grid, etc.).

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Established in 2000, Advanced Electronics Energy Limited  (AEE) is an innovative  lithium-ion polymer battery company that handles R&D, manufacturing, trade and servicing in house. AEE is one of the leading Li-ion polymer batteries manufactures in China.  Located in Shunde's  Hi-tech  Industrial  District in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the manufacturing

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AEE is always leading in technology to meet  market  challenges. This  year at Shunde's  manufacturing  site, expand the manufacturing area by 12,000 sqm equip  with fully  automated  new  production lines for  18650 and prismatic batteries

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